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This deserves a caption:

Adam Lambert is performing on Liberty Avenue this June 15th, in PITTSBURGH. Now, any self respecting Queer as Folk fan is having a conniption fit at the idea of Brian Kinney (Fiction yes, but hello!) and Adam Lambert meeting up. Queer as Folk was that show. A catchphrase was “Come for the Queer, stay for for the Folk” and for 5 years? I stayed for those folk. You really should watch it if you haven’t…. BUT ANYWAYS.

Pyro_batz linked me to this lovely little piece of fiction. And thus? This was born. I’m kind of in the mood to do this more than once, but we’ll see what happens. I present to you, a lot of Queer as Folk love and a lot of Adam Lambert love. All tied up tidy like. :D


YUMMY! It’s awesome that Breakfast Included, No Extra Charge brought about all the pretty pictures!! Thanks for linking me to it, bb!

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Spartacus Feels *spoilers*


Just my two cents on Episode 4 of this season. Since I’ve finally had time to process my feelings. 

First of all I fucking loved this episode. Even though it was the harshest since maybe Varro. And Pietros and Barca, idk. That decimation scene was hard to watch - physically hard to watch. And Tiberius being forced to be a part of it was heart-wrenching (shades of Varro and Spartacus anyone?)

Sabinus, we hardly knew ye.

Also, wanted to quickly note that the real Marcus Crassus employed decimation with his troops. And that some historians consider it one of the reasons that he ultimately won the war against Spartacus.

But at any rate … onwards.

It’s interesting to me because this show has always felt like a revenge fantasy and everyone knows that to do a successful revenge fantasy, you really have to make your audience hate the bad guys. It’s gotta be just as satisfying for the audience as for the hero when he finally “kills them all”, so to speak. 

But the tricky thing about this show is that it was never a revenge fantasy at all, was it? The story of Spartacus is a story about a war and in war, there is both good and bad on each side. 

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Xie: Ode to Rizabeau


Crack comes in many flavors. There is bad!fic crack, there is deliberate crack, there is crack that comes out of the minds and keyboards of people in need of professional assistance and possibly a residental situation.

And then there is crack that simply walks up to you, crawls in your brain, and…

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AO3 News: Disabling filters: information and search tips



Key information: As an emergency measure to deal with recent performance issues, we will shortly be disabling the browsing filters on the site (the grey box of choices which appears on work index pages). This is a temporary measure to ensure that as many people as possible can access the site….

Reblogging this heads-up — we’re turning filters off shortly to try and hopefully improve performance. Read the post above for useful tips on how to use advanced search instead! (Please reblog if there are people on your followers who use AO3 to help get the word out!)